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Erlebniswelt Elbsandstein - Miniaturpark Die Kleine Sächsische Schweiz

Miniature Mountain Railway

Since May 2008, the new miniature mountain railway has been travelling around the edge of the park. The replica (engine) of the historical Schwarzbachbahn, the only narrow gauge railway in Saxonian Switzerland takes the passengers from the entrance to a higher look-out point. To do this, the little engine which is a replica of the “Saxonian IVK” narrow gauge steam engine, with a track gauge of 7 ¼ inches, must cover a distance of 900m and conquer 8 metres in altitude with its passengers. It travels through a designed natural landscape with gorges, valleys and tunnels. The highest point provides passengers with a beautiful view over the entire miniature park. Guest drivers with their own miniature railway trains are very welcome.

... View at the track